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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  April 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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swim club vandals. thousands of dollars of damage done to a montgomery county facility. we will tell you if it will be open for the start of the season. and the rest of the weekend looking better after the rain, and 80s are making a return in the forecast. good sunday morning, and welcome to nbc10 news today. let get to your first alert neighborhood with meteorologist, tammie souza and the most accurate forecast in town. >> great news. a spectacular day. the sunshine already lighting up the sky in brilliant colors.
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everything across philly is clear and you have to get south of dover to see the rain showers, and in fact look at the cloud cover eroding away. philly in the sunshine now an hour away and then the jersey shore will clear to the sunshine. let's go to the suburbs. and unionville at 41. exton, 42 degrees. and wearing ton, you are at 43 degrees. and 46 at the big airport in philly, and fox chase at 46 right now. finally let's check out what is going on in south jersey where it's 42 in clayton. let's just sort of break down this day for you. along the shore, you will be cooler. you have winds coming in out of the northeast, and these will climb about ten degrees into the 50s for you today. in philly, we are going to reach
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63. tomorrow, back to 58 with rain showers and rain showers also on tuesday. we'll bounce to 62. we go to the suburbs and we have 62 today, and lehigh valley 66 today with all the sun. south jersey, 60 today. the jersey shore, 57. if you are in delaware, the mid-60s. the nfl drafting kicks off thursday at the art museum and preparations are picking up. plus businesses hope they will see a payoff as fans arrive this week. matt delucia is live with more on the affect the city could see. >> reporter: if you talk with anybody that lives or works in this area, especially the people that have to drive around the art museum, some are saying they are excited the nfl is coming and then others will say they are getting fed up with the
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traffic detours and closures. and it will be pretty big, because chicago had 200,000 fans come to the draft grounds and that generated $81 million in economic impact, and the bars, city tap house among others will have others like beer specials going on and the big tvs tuned into the big action, and then they are expecting big names staying at the hotels. >> we are preparing to have one of the biggest weekends we ever had. >> i am excited to meet all different kinds of people from different places. >> if we do get 200,000 people down here later on this week, that would be a bit more than that one estimate of 142,000 people that came for the pope francis visit. one way or another we are expecting a lot of people to come to the city later this
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week. matt delucia, nbc10 news. a woman who was shot in the arm while drive somethiis expec be okay. police are trying to determine if the woman was hit by a stray bullet or if the car was targeted. a boy accused of being behind a string of break-ins. they say he also stole from cars in the same area earlier this month. police in montgomery county want to find the vandals that wrecked part of the moreland swim club. they destroyed equipment and a fridge. an estimated $20,000 in damage was done, and management tells us the club will open as scheduled on memorial day for the summer season. it was an earth day rally with a targeted message.
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10,000 people marched for science yesterday. randy gyllenhaal tell us what they wanted washington to hear. >> reporter: in the pouring rain and cities across the country, they came out to urge the government to focus on the facts. >> the power is in the hands of the scientists. >> on the day meant to celebrate the beauty of this planet, it was cold, wet and dreary, and still thousands marched to support science. >> reporter: like medical researchers worried about the proposed cuts to the national institutes of health and cuts to the environmental agency, and -- >> especially in these times, especially with climate change. >> the march not officially
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partisan but the signs were clear, similar marches happening as far away as australia, the white house responding rigorous sciences critical to my administration's efforts to achieve the twin goals of economic growth and environmental protection. others staying out of the political fray urging more girls to get involved with stem education. >> it says forget a princess, i want to be a scientist. >> we caught up with ben franklin with this advice -- >> just ask the question why. i am finding in modern society that question is not being asked as much. >> the science march in philadelphia was more than 600 around the world. rain did not dampen the rally here. the main rally was in washington, d.c. >> science makes it's possible that we don't leave anyone
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behind when we build the cleaner, fairer future for all. >> some people injected humor into the marches by dressing up in costumes as you see there, but the focus was a serious protest against president trump's proposed cuts to agencies such as the epa and the national institutes of health. congress will return tomorrow to tackle a government funding deadline, and plus agenda items from the white house. the house and senate have until late friday to cut a trillion-dollar spending deal to prevent a partial government shutdown, and then pushing lawmakers with new bills on tax reform and replacing obamacare by the president's 100th day on saturday. nancy pelosi, and reince priebus and marco rubio will discuss the
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president's first 100 days on this morning's "meet the press" right here on nbc10. remembering a child star who lit up the screen in "happy days." we are hearing from erin mor mos co-stars.
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we have been watching a beautiful sunrise. i will share that with you in just a moment but we have been watching the beautiful doppler radar showing most of the area clear, until you get way down here, down into southern parts of delaware where we have light showers taking place right now. we have got the cloud cover. it's pushing out of the area, so already if you are in reading or allentown, you are seeing bright sunshine and off to a great start. this is the last of the heavy cloud cover.
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cape may, you will probably be the last to clear and perhaps also down in southern parts of delaware. otherwise we are in for a pleasant day out there. take a look. the live cam outside. we are going to be looking at the 60s across much of the area, until you are down there along the atlantic sea shore. you are going to be in the 50s because the winds are going to turn out of the east keeping you a bit cooler. ka katy, don't you love it when it looks like that. >> looks beautiful. after the day we had yesterday, we will take it. thank you, tammie. people in glennside celebrated yesterday. they got a free snack at a local arts festival. 150 people put the pride in pottstown to mark earth day.
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as part of the rock the block project, they repaired homes and cleaned up parks and streets with habitat for humanity. a new trail has people out exercising in one part of philadelphia. we'll take you there coming up next. and then getting the upper hand on destructive fires in florida. a careless action by a parent may have sparked the flames. we will explain.
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one of the stars of tv's "happy days" has died. actress erin moran was found dead in indiana yesterday. she was 56 years old. authorities are waiting for results of an autopsy. erin moran played joni cunningham on "happy days" in the '60s. ron howard tweeted this, such sad, sad news, rip erin, and i
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will choose to remember you -- and then two men charged with a murder touring ingduringt on tuesday night. during the shooting one of the bullets went through a nearby window of a nearby home and lodged in a bedpost coming inches away from hitting another man in the bed sleeping. we have new details in the case of a philadelphia teenager charged with killing a man walking his dog. smith was found guilty of second-degree murder in over brook. he will be sentenced in july. a 13-year-old and 14-year-old were also charged in that case. happening today, philadelphia's annual holocaust memorial ceremony will be moved indoors. the 1:00 p.m. ceremony originally set for the holocaust
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memorial will be held inside congregation shalom on north broad street and there will be musical performances. holocaust remembrance day begins this evening at sundown. this morning there's a new place to walk and bike in philadelphia. the trail opened yesterday. this new path extends the schuylkill river trail. take a look at the map of the bartr bartram's mile trail. you notice all the people with umbrellas along the trail yesterday? that's not going to happen out there today. we are looking outside and you can see the flag gently flapping in the breeze. we have winds out of the east and northeast and they will turn
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maurice eore easterly today. we have a few clouds still clearing so that's kind of toned down a bit. right now the conditions in philly, we are looking at 46 degrees and will climb to 58 by noon and will make it into the low 60s with the sunshine out there. you notice the winds are going to be out of that northeast direction, and they will turn full easterly later today and that's going to keep it cooler, places like the jersey shore. everything is quiet. we are sandwiched in between one system to the north and another to the south. we have high pressure. i like to call that the happy weather and that's going to be overhead for today. one day only because we see the rain showers come back tomorrow and tuesday clearing out of here on wednesday. so as the winds come in out of the northeast, we climb from the 40s today. hour by hour, we watch the timeline by 5:00. you get out to the jersey shore and we are looking at the east winds keeping it in the low 50s. cooler there. and so by tomorrow morning, we
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inherit a few clouds back into the area, and not so much at first in the lehigh valley in berks county, maybe upper parts of bucks county, but the showers will start to move in before noon south of the city in parts of south jersey and delaware, and then across the entire area by the time we get into tomorrow night, and then on tuesday we get sporadic showers and thunderstorms coming through here overnight wednesday and into tuesday. 54. that's where we are this morning. look where we climb to by 2:00. we are at 62 in philly. we climb to 62 if you are out there in the lehigh valley. new jersey, 62. it's out there along the shore, the jersey shore, that you will only be in the 50s but we are going to see plenty of sunshine. here it is, your ten-day on 10, and i promise it does improve. tomorrow only 58, a blustery
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day. and then maybe an early morning shower on wednesday, and the clouds clear quickly and we turn southwest as far as the winds and see 80 degrees across the area. could see a thunderstorm on thursday night late into friday, and still hanging on to 80 there. on saturday, 80 degrees. it will be 74 on sunday so we cool down a bit towards the second half of next weekend and then the rain returns a week from tomorrow. rain is bringing relief to southwest florida where there are raging wildfires there. people continue to evacuate as flames burn thousands of acres in three counters. chris pallone reports. >> wildfires continue to burn in southwest florida despite scattered rainstorms on saturday. the fires destroyed 20 homes. >> my driveway leading to my house looks like another planet. >> at least 26 million
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floridians are under severe drought alerts. >> these fires are dangerous. they are extremely dangerous. we have to be very cautious. >> the national guard is helping to fight the fires dropping are trying to return to find out what if anything they have left. >> everything they worked for, gone. >> despite mandatory evac waeugs in some areas, some people are staying to choose to protect their property. >> i'm not leaving my house. it's all wood. >> and now a $5,000 reward is available on other fires being coming up, this is no ordinary dog walk. see how this walk for paws.
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democrats hoped a surge of anti-trump protests would sweep their candidates into office. that has not happened. later today we will discuss why they are falling short in recent special elections, and what the races tell skpus who has the edge go into 2018. >> the reistance movement did not do the party much good. >> i have heard a lot of people say, i have not seen any greatness. coming up at 11:30 following "meet the press" on nbc10. togomt
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this weekend.
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the world series champion also lent a hand during the country's largest volunteer single day event. >> comcast cares day. >> that's what it's about, teamwork. teamwork. >> the major volunteer event and comcast nbc universal set a new goal to invent environmentally friendly projects. inside the boys & girls club, comcast also donated a big check to the clubs which provide after school programs for young people. >> our folks, i am really proud of the company i work for and the people i work with.
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>> nbc10 took the lead at the share food program, supporting the effort to feed the hungry. >> we have a small staff of about ten folks and so volunteers for us actually make it happen, they make the world go round. >> there are so many hungry people in philadelphia, and children that make it a worthy cause. >> many volunteers said they would be back to keep this momentum going throughout the year. in northwest, philadelphia, drew smith, nbc10 news. >> comcast is the parent company of nbc10. and the walk for paws event this weekend raised money to help provide services in chester county and across delaware. tim furlong hosted the event. the nfl draft means more
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changes this week for people driving in center city. matt is live along the parkway. >> reporter: as we are getting used to seeing the orange barrels all over the place, there will be more closures happen tomorrow and we'll break it down for you coming up. and notice something with matt? no umbrella. a beautiful start to the day across philly. it's going to reach the 60s. look at the temperature trend. it's going to be spectacular, and grab your sunglasses and plan to get out as we take a look across boathouse row.
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draft day payday. businesses are looking to cash in with thousands of football fans descend on center city this week. president trump plans to come to pennsylvania next weekend and the day he has chosen have some calling it unusual timing. the rain is gone for the
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second half of your weekend and we are tracking a big warmup for the first alert forecast. good morning. welcome back to nbc10 news today. it's a minute shy of 6:30 on your sunday morning. we have good news, tammie. >> fantastic news. we do not have an umbrella or ugly shoe alert, and you will go out and enjoy and it's a beautiful day. look at the cloud cover as we put it into satellite mode. it's basically eroding away. philadelphia in the sunshine, and so are the pennsylvania suburbs. if you get out there in the lehigh valley, it's sunny. look what the view is from easton out there. we will be off to a fantastic start today. let's check the temperatures out there, and the higher elevation
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is cooler, and you are at 36 degrees. and nazareth, 42 degrees. if we go into philly we are looking at the lower and mid-40s. 63, that is going to be your temperature today in philly. we will drop the 58 tomorrow with a chance of showers. we will see 62 with a chance of rain. 62 today with plenty of sunshine. 58 tomorrow. and we are going to be looking at 58 on tuesday again, and rain, both of those days. lehigh valley, 66 today and you got an early start with all the sunshine. and we will see the 50s also on tuesday with rain, and in new jersey, we are going to be looking at 60 today, and 57 on the shore because of winds coming in out of the east, and 65 in delaware. you pretty much see rain on monday and tuesday and we have a huge warpumup ahead. philadelphia police
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searching for a carjacker they say crashed a car blocks from where he stole it. according to police a man forced the driver at gunpoint to get out of the car in southwest philadelphia earlier this morning. the driver was not hurt and the car found two blocks away at 69th where it crashed into a parked car. it's almost draft day. four days away and the nfl draft kicks off on thursday. there are more changes come for center city drivers tomorrow. matt delucia is live along the ben franklin parkway. >> reporter: it's a little chilly here this morning, as tammie was talking about with the forecast. you can see the stage right behind me there, that is really coming together. a lot more is being done day by day, and we are almost there to the finished product.
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a lot of work going on beyond the museum. the first phase of closure started two weeks ago. tomorrow we will start to see full road closures, tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. and kelly drive will be closed at fairmount avenue. on tuesday, right after midnight, 12:01 a.m., we will see the full extent of the closures through the draft and that includes side streets as well. let's talk about public transportation. septa bus detours will be going into effect tomorrow. 7, 32, 38, 43 and 48.
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as we take another live look on this beautiful and crisp spring morning, here's another thing to point out here. you see the giant stage. it will have to come down after the draft is done later on this weekend, so we will have the players and fans in town for that, but long after they leave the road closures will stay around another week until may 7th. we learned a man that fell while working on the nfl draft stage at the art museum is listed in stable condition. he fell about 30 feet from the roof yesterday afternoon. he is in the hospital being treated. the nfl draft is benefiting more than just businesses near the art museum. stores, restaurants and hotels all across the city are counting down to cash in. crews are putting the finishing touches on the stages, and those businesses are preparing for an influx of people. drew smith tells us about the financial affect of such a big event.
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>> it's all the buzz at logan square. planning on pouring a ton of draft beers. >> reporter: the city of philadelphia is hoping this is the biggest and best draft yet, but even if it meets what chicago managed, it will be big. the windy city had 200,000 fans come down to its draft grounds. it generated $81 million in economic impact, plus 2,000 temporarily construction and labor jobs. >> we are preparing to have one of the busiest weekends we ever had in city tap house history. >> city tap house will have beer specials and they are expecting the big names to be staying at the hotel next door. >> a lot of players that have been invited along with their families including the nfl hall of fame committee. >> can you get a $2 discount for
6:35 am
wearing nfl gear at the franklin institute and the library is giving guided tours. >> exposure for everybody in the city. >> excited to meet all different people from different places. >> nbc10 is the official eagle's station and we have you covered all week long. the specials from the parkway begin on wednesday night the day before the action starts, and it up with the excitement next sunday night. new septa regional rail schedules begin today. crews will be installing positive train control. it's designed to automatically stop a train before it can crash. go to and the nbc10 app to see how the changes may affect your trip. and look at this car that
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crashed into a building in king sesing neighborhood. fortunately nobody was hurt and it does appear the build only has minimum damage. police in bucks county are look into a recent wave of car vandalism. you can see the shattered window on this car from one of the most recent cases. investigators say it happened early yesterday morning and it looks like the work of a bb or pellet gun. if you live in sussex county, police and delaware state health officials want to alert you about the spike in heroin overdoses. one of the overdoses this weekend was deadly. spike alarming. >> i am here to advocate for science that serves the common good. >> there was a global march for
6:37 am
science on earth day yesterday. the tkepdemonstrators joined ot in washington, d.c. and elsewhere who criticize president trump for proposing budget cuts. >> the idea that science is neglected when you build policy is ridiculous. >> this is what can happen when government dismisses science. >> president trump said he's committed to science that, quote, depends not on ideology but on a it of honest enquiinqn. another airplane black. new video that forced a airline to ground one of its workers and what philadelphia flyers are saying about it. and fans getting a new look at the coach in action in the cherry and white match-up. go to protect your vehicle?
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i'm on it. ♪ ♪ ♪ weathertech. made right, in america
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good morning, and welcome back. i am meteorologist, tammie souza. we are off to a fantastic start today. grab the sunglasses, you will need them. not quite yet on the jersey shore. we don't have any rain except for down here in southern delaware. that's where we are looking at showers this is what i meant by the sunglasses. can you see already clearing lehigh valley, berks county, and we are looking at all of the pennsylvania suburbs and philly clear, but still cloud cover hanging in down south jersey. this is our live cam out there in cape may. can you see the flag blowing and the winds out of the northeast and we still have overcast skies
6:41 am
out there but don't worry, things are going to clear. temperatures in the 40s, and not climbing too much today because the northeast winds are going to turn east. while everybody else makes it into the low 60s out here along the shore even with sunshine you are going to be in the 50s today. today right now it's 45 in summers point and may's landing at 43 with a 47 at cape may. let's check out what is going to happen along the jersey shore. we are going to be climbing to about 53 degrees. 46 right now, and we will climb all the way up to 65 degrees. it's going to be a beautiful day. enjoy. >> thanks. happening today the phillies will hold their annual birthday bash for the phanatic. here's a look at citizens bank park where the festivities will get way at 1:00 this afternoon. here's footage from former phanatic birthday parties.
6:42 am
today's party will feature entertainment and surprises and other mascots will be at the park to honor the best one in sports, of course the phillie phanatic. and president trump announces a big rally, when he will be here and why the trump administration considers it so important. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
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american airlines investigating a claim that an employee hit a woman and got into a shouting match with another passenger in san francisco. nbc10's thomas spoke to people at philadelphia international that were stunned by the video of the incident. >> cell phone video shows a woman with a baby sobbing at the entrance of american airlines flight 591. passengers say a member of the
6:45 am
flight crew violently snatched a stroller away from the mother before she boarded the plane, and the stroller hit her and barely missed her child. >> another passenger, a man, demands the name of the employee, and that passenger gets up and confronts. >> if you do that to me and i'll knock you flat. >> an argument ensues with the employee and passenger threatening to knock the other out and the exchange lasts less than a minute. >> good to see other passengers are helping out. >> the incident comes less than two weeks after law enforcement dragged a passenger off an overbooked united flight in chicago. >> i don't feel like airlines are doing all that much lately to help. >> the statement from american said in short we are disappointed by the actions the american team member has been
6:46 am
removed from duty while we immediately investigate in incident. happening now overseas, voters are going to the polls in france's national election. 11 candidates are run to succeed fred hollande who was not on the ballot. the election comes just three days after a terror attack in paris kills a police officer. trump said the attack would boost the chances of a far right candidate in the race. president donald trump will come to philadelphia to hold what he calls a big rally. he will be in harrisburg to mark his 100th day in office. it's scheduled on the same evening as the annual white house correspondence dinner in d.c. which, the president has
6:47 am
turned down. in southwestern florida a lit cigarette likely sparked this brushfire that destroyed several homes and cars. that word comes fire officials that said parent waiting for a school bus is probably to blame. the fire started next to a bus stop where parents pick up their kids and two other brushfires in the area destroyed a pair of mobile homes and evacuated hundreds of neighbors. and then a storm in nashville caused streams to overflow yesterday. many roads were closed due to the high water. it's about quarter to 7:00 on your sunday, and we had a bit of a washout for the first part of the weekend but we have good news coming for this sunday. tammie souza is here for the first alert weather. >> it's going to be so pleasant out there. do you have plans this afternoon? >> after this, yeah. >> hope that's the same for all
6:48 am
of you at home, you have outdoor plans. yesterday the passing showers made it rather well, drab. today the exact opposite. can you take a look. all of the cameras lit up with sunshine. 46 in philly right now, and 41 in the pennsylvania suburbs where there is no cloud cover. we go out to the jersey shore and still fighting clouds around sunrise out there, and we will see those erode in the next hour. lehigh valley, bright and sunshine beautiful out there. we are watching the clouds make their way out of the area, 47 degrees right now so we are off to a fantastic start across the area. looks like it will only continue all day long. i am not sure we will get to our seasonal temperatures which is about 67 this time of year, but everywhere accept the jersey shore will make it into the low and mid-60s. we are looking at the beams from the radar sweeping the sky. we have high pressure moving through.
6:49 am
one stays south and the other moves. you see the bulge lifting out tennessee. this will move through the entire area by late tomorrow, tomorrow night and into tuesday. so there more rain on the way and so enjoy today, this is our one day relief before a cup couple more days of showers, but they bring the spring showers. it's the 30s if you get up to mt. pocono and lehigh valley, but we will climb up to the 60s today. it will be cooler, 50s along the jersey shore and that's because of the winds off of the east and the cooler ocean water, and by tomorrow morning we see clouds return and see the showers begin to skim southern delaware and making their way into south jersey, but not making it into philly and we will see showers making their way that and it continues into tuesday and tuesday night into wednesday, kind of like the grand finale,
6:50 am
maybe thunderstorms rolling through and ending very early on wednesday morning. 54 at 10:00 this morning, and climbing to 62 in philly with sunshine and a few high, thin clouds, and the suburbs climbing to 61 this afternoon. it will get up to 62 if you are out there lehigh valley. delaware, you are expected to reach 61. i am looking for 62 in new jersey and 55 on the jersey shore. looks like tomorrow only 58 in the area, and showers on tuesday. then we go into the 80s and wednesday we clear out for sunshine in the afternoon, and we will see 80s for friday and also for saturday. could see a thunderstorm thursday night into friday and then cooling down for next weekend, but it really does get quite nice. this is sports desk brought to you by eubxfinity. >> happy sunday to you. i am danny pommells from csn.
6:51 am
the braves having won four of the last six, and they turn to jared eickhoff. and then stepping to the dish and continuing to swing a hot bat. what a swing that was. cranks it to left field and bounces to the left of the wall. fast-forward to the 10th. fill down 3-2, cranks one the other way and the tying and game-winning runs cross the dish, and they win. how about this? you don't need to adjust your tv set, that's the former howard making his debut with the braves. he was pretty comfortable and went 2 for 2 with two singles and an rbi. his first action in aaa since
6:52 am
2012. and then impacting the montreal looking to make their climb in the standings in front of the home fans. albert takes a pass near the box and moves it to his right foot and slots one. albert's first of the season puts the union on top. one of the two goals of the day for him. and then heading it back to tj who pumps it in with his head. and taking a 3-1 lead into the half-time and then the impact comes back like bad tuna. blake is turned away, but jackson puts home his second of the game and montreal scores three unanswered goals.
6:53 am
looks like they were cruising to a victory until this one happened, the bears scored a few goals. they win 5-4 and lead the sear two games to none. a first chance to see the new head coach in action. one of the play vying for the starting quarterback start, stanford is in for six. and then 17-14, cherry. and then going deep, and how about this, without a touchdown in his time on the field. and brown takes a big wallop but brushes it off. team blue runs away with this one at 26-zip. i am danny pommells.
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6:56 am
talk about bringing home the bacon. three students of the culinary arts institute in montgomery community college faced off in the baking contest yesterday.
6:57 am
the winner took home $1,000 for the winning recipe. dozens of locations across the region are looking a whole lot better thanks to comcast cares day. it was the country's largest single day corporate volunteer event and some people went to the shane victorino boys and girls club. comcast also donated a big chuck to the club which provides after school programs for young people. comcast is the parent company of nbc10 and our nbc10 team took the lead at the shared food program supporting the effort to the hungry. it gives food to 500 food pantries and 200 host organizations every month. just a few minutes before 7:00 on your sunday. we are gearing up for a big week in philadelphia as the nfl draft gears up. matt delucia is near the art
6:58 am
museum. >> reporter: the work continues behind me and excitement is in the air. we will tell you how some folks in this area are getting ready for the draft. you will love the forecast for those draft days in philly and you will love the forecast for today. look at the temperature trend. in the 60s today with plenty of sunshine and i will have your full forecast in just a few minutes as we gaze across cape may this morning.
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a pregnant woman shot. the question this morning, was she targeted? countdown to the draft as the nfl gets set to takeover philadelphia. more road closures are still go into effect. a star of a beloved sitcom has died. this morning co-stars are remembering the woman known as joni. good morning, and welcome to nbc10 news today. i am katy zachry. it's 7:00 on the dot on your sunday. let's get to your most accurate forecast. a nice one after quite a wash yesterday. >> yeah, yesterday was blustery and the passing showers did not make it the most desirable day.


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